Apply to Host the Installation

Applying is easy and acceptance turn around is usually within 2 weeks.

We can work with a variety of locations and time frames. Typically, the panel installation stays at a location for a minimum of 4 weeks. Currently, we have 67 panels in the exhibit and are continuing to collect more quality pieces from artists across Michigan. 

Opening receptions are available and optional, but highly recommended. 

When inquiring about hosting please provide:

• Your name, phone number and address

• Requested dates to host

• If you would like an opening reception

• If you are interested in special programming

For inquiries about hosting or purchasing, please email me at

Photo courtesy of Max Ortiz; Detroit Free Press 2021 

"Let's Zoom" at the Hannan Center and Kayrod Gallery, 2021-2022

"Let's Zoom" at Cheryl Zemke Boutique, 2021

Updated 2/9/22