Artist Coaching

What is Artist Coaching?

I help artists who feel stuck creatively, are having difficulty growing the business side of things, or simply need some third-party guidance.

Getting support, training, and feedback from someone who is not emotionally involved, and who has no expectations, can help you make giant leaps forward. No matter what stage you are at in your art career, artist coaching can help. 

My approach with each Client is different based on their needs. Some need to sit down and pick my brain, while others would like to learn by following or doing. Sessions are one-on-one held either via Zoom, a local coffee shop, on site events and sometimes in my own (messy) studio! 

Coaching reflects my ten years of graphic design background and working with product development and marketing.

I can help with:
• learning how to finish your work for displaying
• art display leads
• gallery leads
• constructive critiques
• proposal writing
• press release writing
• logo development advice and how/where/when to use it
• website and/or social media critique
• how to photograph your work in your environment or vet photographers to do it for you
• canvas 
stretching, gesso-ing and varnishing
• art curating
• pricing guidance
• technique discussions and brainstorming
• color theory
• how to build your network and what it realistically looks like
• portfolio review

Branding and logo development services are available for additional fee.


Please email: for more information!