Community Arts Gallery inside First Merchants Bank


The Community Arts Gallery is nestled within the First Merchants Bank, an integral part of the vibrant Ferndale, Michigan community. This unique space is co-owned by First Merchants Bank and collaboratively affiliated with the City of Ferndale. I had the distinct honor of receiving a joint invitation from the City of Ferndale and First Merchants Bank to infuse this modern venue with the creative spirit of local artists.

Spanning approximately 800 square feet, the gallery features two expansive walls adorned with south-facing windows that bathe the space in natural light. It's a true testament to the power of community and artistic collaboration, as this gallery is not only artist-run but also deeply rooted in the essence of our local neighborhood. Together, we are fostering a vibrant hub where artists can proudly showcase their work and engage with the broader community.

Connecting and exhibiting artwork within Amazon Detroit’s Corporate Office is my mission to bridge the gap between local artists and businesses. The opportunity is located within Amazon's multiple floors at 150 W. Jefferson, Detroit Mi.