Crain Communications Rotating Arts Program

Crain Communications has multiple opportunities for local artists to have their art displayed within their Detroit corporate office. The corporate office is located on the top floor of the Brewery Park Corporate Campus, which is owned by Crain. It is located at 1155 Gratiot Ave., Detroit Mi. Crain Communications is a worldwide news and publishing company, the Detroit office being the headquarters with offices in Chicago, New York, London and more. They publish 21 publications.

This program invites artists to display up to five pieces of their work for three months. During this time, their work is uploaded to an internal website shared across all seven U.S. offices and three international offices, providing greater visibility and the opportunity for nationwide sales. All purchases are facilitated by me with the utmost respect and care.

Moreover, Crain Communications periodically purchases art for their corporation, placing pieces in various offices as needed. An artist's work can be purchased in Detroit but find its home elsewhere, making it easy to become a nationally recognized artist.

We will accept up to 5 pieces from each artist. Artists who work BIG, this is your time to shine as we have some huge walls to fill! Think 24x36, 36x36, 48x48 and bigger but not limited to big pieces.

All sizes, mediums and skill levels welcome!!! 20% commission on sales.

How it works:
All artists are considered for the next available rotation. Upon acceptance into the program, you will be notified of your designated exhibition period and drop off dates about two months prior.

This is an ongoing opportunity, with art rotating through the corporate office every three months. Your application will still be reviewed and considered for the next closest available rotation.

Please use the form below the photos to apply.

Questions: Email