"Art of Growing Up" Original Artwork

"Art of Growing Up" Original Artwork

Amanda Koss Art
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36” wide x 36" tall, 1.5” depth.

Hand painted acrylic painting on canvas. This has been finished with UV protection. Please choose your edge type and I will paint edges before shipping. Natural edge means that it will flaunt the paint that has draped over the edge during my painting process. This will be carefully shipped in a well packaged box for optimal protection. You will receive tracking and insurance through USPS.

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This was inspired by a Pantone color scheme called "Living Coral". I studied the color scheme and lines in the coral found in the ocean and incorporated it into this piece. I spent lots of time reflecting on the beauty of something that is so easily forgotten about, self-consciously, by habit and by living in this world.

While working, my mind moved through thoughts and emotions about how the current world situations can make you feel so real right now. It's so easy to allow our minds to become desensitized to life that we cannot control, much like the ocean coral. This piece is here to remind us all, that WE ARE REAL!

This piece contains Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian in the top most layers, giving the benefits from these stones.

Lapis Lazuli properties:
Lapis Lazuli is known for inner power, love and intuition.

Carnelian properties:
Carnelian spoke to me for its powerful creative and self-esteem capabilities.