From Allergies to Acrylics, A Journey Well-Lived

In the heart of Detroit's ever-evolving art scene, my journey as an artist has been a tapestry of discovery, challenges, and ultimately, triumphs. From the initial allure of resin to the unforeseen detours into oils, and finally finding my artistic home in acrylics, this is the chronicle of my path from humble beginnings to becoming the artist I am today.

From the allure of resin to the unanticipated setbacks due to allergic reactions, my journey began with a material that promised depth and gloss to my creations. This initial love affair soon turned into a challenge, prompting a shift from resin to the uncharted territories of oils.

With oils, I believed I had found a refuge—a medium that would finally harmonize with my artistic vision. Yet, the universe had other plans. Allergic reactions persisted, urging me to reconsider not just my materials but also my artistic identity. The search for my true medium continued.

In the pursuit of a medium that aligned with both my vision and health, acrylics emerged as the triumphant solution. Versatile, vibrant, and without the allergic drawbacks of previous mediums, acrylics became the linchpin of my artistic expression, unlocking a world of possibilities.

My first studio was a 4x4 grow tent in my garage—originally intended for controlling resin temperatures. It was a humble beginning that set the stage for a transformative journey. Eventually, I migrated to my basement, a space where my artistic mind expanded, and the confines of my imagination knew no bounds.

The Russell Industrial Center in Milwaukee Junction, Detroit, became a pivotal chapter in my artistic narrative. It was a space that echoed with the vibrant pulse of Detroit's artistic spirit. Later, I found myself in the historic Dearborn ArtSpace, the repurposed city hall, where the walls whispered tales of the past and fueled the creation of new stories on canvas.

Photo of my studio inside the Russell Industrial Center.

Photo of my studio inside Dearborn ArtSpace.

As fate would have it, an article featuring my artistic endeavors in the newspaper caught the attention of Crain Communications. The journey reached new heights when I was offered the opportunity to create a rotating arts program and gallery space for this esteemed organization. It was a testament to the transformative power of art and its ability to bridge the realms of creativity and corporate culture.

My artistic odyssey, from battling allergies to finding solace in acrylics, from the garage to the Russell Industrial Center and Dearborn Artspace, and finally curating for Crain Communications, has been a journey well-lived. Each twist and turn contributed to the artist I am today—a testament to the resilience of creativity and the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to explore the vast landscapes of the artistic soul.

Join me in this ongoing journey, where every stroke tells a story, and every canvas bears witness to the evolving tapestry of an artist's life.