Community Arts Gallery inside First Merchants Bank, Ferndale

The mission of The Community Arts Gallery located inside First Merchants Bank is meant to offer Artists and Groups a space to exhibit their work. Considered work is not limited to mediums, everyone is welcome to exhibit. The gallery is located on Woodward just south of 9 mile, which gets a high volume of drive by and foot traffic. The gallery space is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and observes national holidays.

This is an independent run space which means: exhibiting artist or group is responsible for hanging their work, advertising, running their own sales and opening (if wanted). There is a ladder on site for your usage. Must provide nails to hang your work. The walls are not taken care of which means there will be some damage or existing holes. However, this is a high-traffic area in an art-centric city with lots of opportunities. I recommend taking a walk through before hanging, if possible. Wall measurements are coming. About 800-900 sq ft of wall space for you to use but you don't have to use it all. Length of exhibit is negotiable. 

Opening receptions are optional and run on a Friday during bank hours, 3-5pm.

Hanging services are available by me, Amanda Koss, for $150. This is optional.

No commissions on sold work.

Chosen artist is required to submit all dates to me upon being verified to book. Install and uninstall as well as artist talk or opening dates and times. 

Artwork cannot contain the following:
• nudity
• racism
• religon
• politics
Must be work-place appropriate.

• Please upload seven different samples of the work to be exhibited below. 

The curator, Amanda Koss, can be contacted at (248) 709-2697 or