Meet Amanda Koss, a distinguished artist and curator based in Dearborn, MI, known for her captivating abstract expressionism and innovative use of materials. With a background in graphic design, Amanda brings a harmonious blend of creativity and precision to her multi-award-winning artwork.

In her Dearborn studio, Amanda delves into the depths of abstract expressionism, creating dynamic pieces that feature layers, textures, and the integration of found objects. Her commitment to pushing artistic boundaries is exemplified by her latest venture, using robot vacuums as unconventional paintbrushes.

Amanda's influence extends beyond the studio. As a seasoned curator, she has shaped art collections for prestigious spaces, including Crain Communications, The Gallery at Brewery Park, and Amazon's corporate office. Notably, Amanda has crafted large-scale commissioned collections for offices in Detroit and Chicago, seamlessly integrating art into corporate spaces.

Interior designers seeking a touch of avant-garde flair and a fusion of contemporary and abstract elements will find Amanda's work both inspiring and transformative. Her op-ed in Crain's Detroit Business underscores her advocacy for corporations supporting local living artists, making her not just an artist but a driving force in the intersection of art and corporate aesthetics.

As she continues to shape the narrative of contemporary art, Amanda Koss invites interior designers to explore her portfolio, where each piece is an invitation to reimagine spaces through the lens of abstract expressionism.