Previous Body of Work; "The Riddle"

This body of work is a work is complete. I abstractly paint what is on my mind and soul using what is going on in my day to day life as inspiration. This collection is about the struggles while living during a pandemic, from my point of view. To inquire about any of the pieces you see here, please email:


'Mixed in the Media' 24" x 24" acrylic on gallery canvas.
This piece is about how many of us have been intensely following the media, press releases, news articles, statistics, analytics, television, magazines, posters, diagrams, video games, adapting to online learning, converting to working from home... ect. regarding Covid-19.



mixed in the media amanda koss




'Halt' 36" x 24", mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas.

Everything surrounding this situation has been soul consuming and that is what has been coming out when I step up to the canvas. This piece has many different layers, each layer meant something a little different when I applied them. 

Can you see the rectangle and the entity within it that symbolizes social distancing?


Can you locate the fear?

What do you think the green surrounding the red symbolizes?

What about the drips of the red, what does that mean to you?

I added a soft white/grey around the point of interest. What do you think this means in the piece?

There are many things I love and do not love within this piece. I rather enjoy painting things that make me want to look at them and evoke happiness, but this one I want to turn my head away and ignore it. However, I cant. The world is different right now and this is the reality.

This piece is SOLD!


halt amanda koss




'Numbers', 36" x 12" on a standard canvas

President Trump said this week will be the hardest to come yet, regarding Covid 19 related fatalities. While working on this one I was thinking about the numbers we have been presented with so far and what could come following. 

If you look closely you can see that some of the shapes are faded and some are prominent, this represents those who were an early number and those who are current. There are lines in there that tie many of the shapes together - this is our connection to each other. Even if we do not have anything in common we are all effected by the virus in our own way. It has given us all, no matter who we are, a connection to each other.

This piece is SOLD!





'Duo' a mixed media 24" x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas. 

Life is all about trying new things and in these times its all .. new. Unexpected. Unpresidented. What other buzz words can I fit in here? Unfair?

This piece is about letting go, friendship and letting others in! This piece was inspired by a Zoom paint session with local artist and friend Scott McDuffee. I encourage you to check out his work! 

This piece is SOLD!





“Better Days” 24" x 24" acrylic on a gallery wrap canvas

What I wanted to do was to create one in my style but keep the rainbow form. I wanted a piece that would spread joy and cheer during such an uncharted time. That didn’t happen, but I tried anyway and it was a struggle. I feel as if I was forcing something I didn’t believe in. I couldn’t help but keep thinking about life currently and our new norm in Michigan (Metro-Detroit), it kept bringing me down. So eventually I stopped fighting what I felt and went with it. I named this “Better Days” because I feel like better days are coming....

This piece resides at the Dearborn Art of Courage: Black Lives Matter 360 Exhibit until Spring 2022! 

Amanda koss art better days





"Dog Days of Quarantine" 24" x 24" mixed media on gallery wrap canvas

Is anyone else feeling me when I say that these are the dog days of quarantine? Im ready for it to be over, I am tired of being home and I look forward to the future - whatever that may be.

amanda koss art dog days of quarantine




"Yellow Brick Road", 24" x 24" mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, UV coated.

Inspired by Elton John and and Bernie Taupin's colab titled "Yellow Brick Road". The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken all of our lives and lately I could use a little spiritual healing. This piece was created by using yellow to invoke happiness to purple to invoke hope. I crushed raw quartz into fine powder and used it in a paint mixture, then applied to the canvas. Some areas have some texture where the quartz wasn't as finely ground. I also incorporated the crystal itself in the piece's mark making and painting process. This was a very fun piece to complete and it is beautiful in natural light. It is highly pigmented so it just glows! It is .. magical! :)

This is SOLD!





"The Riddle", 48" x 48"
mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, UV coated.

"The Riddle" was inspired by living 365 days within the Cronovirus-19 Pandemic. Life has waxed and weaned immensely throughout the past year as we tried to navigate through our ever-changing new normal. This piece captures the yearning for other human sprits amongst the challenges set upon us. Many of us have lost a loved one, or worried about becoming infected which created havoc within our souls.

Even though we could be close to each other through a window, six feet apart, video calls or outdoors we were still a world apart, a world in which we will mourn until the unknown.

As strong, resilient humans that we are, we will continue to rebound and we will always fight. We will win this war with this virus, we will become stronger and show our resilience. That is just what we do, as humans.