Amazon DTW 10 Indoor Mural Application: Automotive Theme

Use the form below to submit your proposal for the Amazon DTW 10 Indoor Mural Application: Automotive Theme mural. This mural will be on a floor which has the Moto-City theme throughout. The opportunity is inside Amazon Detroit's corporate office and theme is based on the Detroit Motor City. The entire floor is automotive themed.

Mural does not have to meet the ceiling height or wrap around doors unless preferred. Medium is not limited to paint, may be vinyl, aluminum, a mix, ect. 

Upon acceptance you must:
• Provide scaffolding or ladder if needed along with your supplies and paint

• Provide Certificate of Insurance
• Provide 1099 form

Your quote must include all supplies, paint, your time, ect. A commission of 20% paid to the art curator (Amanda Koss) will be deducted from final payment price. Please make sure your pricing reflects this.

Must upload preliminary rendering/painting of your idea/mural design.

Questions: email