"TOGETHER" Call to Action Art


Part of my mission is to spread art, joy and positivity any way I see possible. In July 2020, I was given the opportunity to co-teach a course at the Downtown Boxing Gym with their youth. In conjunction with the The Tuxedo Project Detroit, I called upon the kids to respond to reading and discussions using art as their call to action. 

Read and listen to excerpts from 'Ghost Boys' by Jewell Parker Rhodes. Respond within the art project to send the message that racial injustice is NOT ok.

Create a visual piece proving that people of many differences can come together to stand united for ending racism.

• The chosen word was "TOGETHER", symbolizing multiple people coming (together) for the same cause and acting on it.

• Students activated the canvas by painting colors chosen to represent their identities. 

• The colored canvases were shuffled between different age groups and sectors, then given at random to the kids who participated in each additional step.

• The Unity Symbol was drawn on top of the colors in a dark shade to signify the coming together for a cause, standing united for ending racial injustice.

• Once again, the canvases were shuffled between the students to complete the letter step. Each student was given a letter to trace on to the top of the canvas, once completed they used black paint to 'Black Out' the excess around each letter. This step symbolizes the social media 'Black Out' movement, which intended to bring awareness to the ending racism.

Once assembled, the project spelt 'TOGETHER' along with all of the students efforts!

I assembled the panels and photographed them so they can be produced into banners and stickers by local companies who would like to display the kids work. This is a non-profit project.

"TOGETHER" was exhibited in the

Black Lives Matter Exhibition in Dearborn City Hall from 2021-2022.